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Team Expectations for Fall & Spring seasons

General Guidelines - Tournament and Practice Commitment guidelines and general commitments and fees are below.  While not mandatory, guidelines below are highly recommended to continue improving development and out of respect for your team members.

Tournament and Practice Commitments

Once a player/family makes the commitment to join any team at NSC, all players/families on the team are obligated to the team fees for all tournaments that the team is schedule to participate in.

Practices, Games, and Tournament Commitment
NSC is all about promoting and encouraging players to participate in other sports and activities.  This provides other learning opportunities and can provide balance or change of pace from one activity to the next.  We ask that NSC members take into consideration that soccer is a team sport and it takes a commitment from everyone on the team to be at as many practices as possible to provide the consistency NSC is looking to transition from practices into team league games and tournaments on the weekend.

Practices are either on Monday and Wednesday's or Tuesday and Thursday's in most cases. NSC asks that each team and team member classify Wednesday and Thursday as the primary day that all players should attend. The reasoning for this is so that all team members can be on the same page leading into weekend games.  If there is a day that any team member is going to have to miss practice it would be the secondary day (Monday or Tuesday). Out of respect for NSC coaches and any other organization's coaches or teachers, NSC also asks that you don't leave your team practice during the middle of the session to try and accommodate both.  As many sport leagues, would agree, NSC would rather have you participate fully vs only attending half the session. Arriving or leaving 15 minutes late or early is acceptable, leaving or arriving in the middle of practice, disrupts the session that is already in process.

Other Sports - Phasing in and out of each soccer season
NSC asks that families take into consideration the time of year in which your child is participating in another sport or activity. With all respect to the other activity or sport, we ask that you finish that season out with that sport until it has completed. Once it as completed, soccer becomes your primary sport until your season has finished completely.  You can join other sports or activities while in the same season as soccer, however, we ask that they become secondary until the soccer season finishes out and then they can become the primary.  Last minute unavailability for a game or tournament to partake in what NSC would consider the secondary sport or activity is unacceptable.

While this a guideline that we ask our members to follow, it is NOT a policy and we do understand that circumstances do arise. All we ask is that you communicate with your coach and manager well ahead of time and not surprise them the day of or just before of what is going on.

Registration Deadlines

  • U9 - U14/15 & HS Girls Teams Early Bird Registration Ends June 30th
  • U9/U10 Guaranteed Placement Ends July 10th
  • In-House Guaranteed Placement Ends August 11th
  • Micro Guaranteed Placement Ends August 20th

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 FEES & EXPECTATIONS

Birth Years 2014, 2015, 2016 2012, 2013 2011, 2010 2008, 2009 2006, 2007 & 2005 in 8th Grade 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 in HS
Level of Play 3 - 5 Years Old 6 - 7 Years Old 8-9 Years Old Developmental Teams 10-11 Years Old Competitive or State Teams 12-13 Years Old Competitive or State Teams 14-18 Years Old Competitive or State Teams
League Inhouse Inhouse MAYSA MAYSA or WYSA MAYSA or WYSA MAYSA or WYSA
Travel Requirement No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Practices 1 per week 2 per week 2 per week 2-3 per week 2-3 per week 2 per week
Tournaments N/A Possibly 1 in Fall and 1 in Spring 2 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring. 2 NSC Tournaments and 2 Local Tournaments 2 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring. NSC Fall Bash and Norski Spring Fling recommended 2 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring. 3 Local and 1 Travel Tournament 1 in Fall for Girls and 1 in Spring for Boys
Winter Indoor Leagues N/A N/A Optional At least 1 sesson encouraged. Addt'l sessions optional At least 1 session encouraged. Addt'l sessions optional Optional
Winter Team Training Sessions N/A N/A Optional Optional Optional Optional
Annual Registration Fall & Spring $80 Fall & Spring or $50 per season $150 Year Round or $90 per Season $210 $235 $260 $215
Annual Coach Fee *Payment Option Available N/A N/A $125 $245 $270 $130
Annual Tournament Fee *Payment Option Available N/A Addt'l Fee of $8-$15 each Tournament $115 includes (4). Any addt'l tourney is extra $135 includes (4). Any addt'l tourney is extra $125 includes (4). Any addt'l tourney is extra $35 incl. addt'l tourney is extra
Parent Volunteer Fee and Time N/A FULL YEAR: $50 or 2 hours Fall & 2 Hours Spring - SEASONAL: $25 - 2 Hours Fall or Spring $100 or 4 hours in Fall and 4 hours in Spring $100 or 4 hours in Fall and 4 hours in Spring $100 or 4 hours in Fall and 4 hours in Spring $50 or 4 hours
Winter Session N/A N/A Addt'l Addt'l Addt'l Addt'l
Uniform to last 18 months -- 2 years T-shirt included with registration cost Jersey included with registration cost $60 - $75 $60 - $75 $60 - $75 $60 - $75
Total Playing Cost (NI Uniform) $80 or $50 $115 or $200 $550 $715 $755 $430
Volunteer Commitment Completed N/A ($25) or ($50) ($100) ($100) ($100) ($50)
Final Total Playing Cost (NI Uniform) $80 or $50 $90 or $150 $450 $615 $655 $380

*For the 2019-2020 Playing Year, Norski Soccer Club has supplemented on average $60 per player for players U9+ from the budget which is not shown in total player costs.

* WYSA State Level Teams formed will have an additional Registration and Coaching Fee to be calculated once teams are approved by WYSA.

Note: Late Fee = $50.00 will be applied for each player registered starting July 1st, 2019.

Practice Schedule 2019-2020

NSC 2019-20 Practice Schedule at Windsor Sports Commons
*Subject to change - Updated 7/20/19*
  Regularly Scheduled Regularly Scheduled Highly Recommended Regularly Scheduled
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5-6 PM   In-House - Primary   In-House - Optional
4:45-6 PM U9/U10
Fall Boys
Girls Spring
Fall Boys
Spring Girls
5:45-7 PM U9/U10
Fall Girls
Spring Boys
Fall Girls
Spring Boys

5-6:30 PM



6:30 - 8 PM



  U14GG U14GG U14GG
HS Girls / Boys   HS Girls / Boys  
Goalkeeper Training Sessions
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5-5:45 PM       U11/U12 Goalkeeping
5:45-6:30 PM U9/U10 Goalkeeping
5-6 PM U11/U12 Goalkeeping  
6 - 7 PM U13+ GoalKeeping
5-6:15 PM U13+ GoalKeeping  



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