Developmental Academy 9U & 10U Description


Team Offerings: Boys or Girls ONLY

League: Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA)

Program Description: 

Our traveling leagues are organized by the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) which falls under the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). The Norski SC 9U & 10U Academy program provides ANY player looking to play soccer a place to play that has defined dates/times/locations for practices and games. Registration opens in June with teams being formulated in early to mid-July that will participate in both fall and spring seasons. Spring registration opens in November where players in most cases are added to existing teams from the fall season. 

The 9U & 10U Academy program is always about having FUN while emphasizing the importance of individual skill development and the understanding of team concepts. Practices and games are led and directed by a Norski SC staff coach while also assisted by a parent coach.

  • Teams: Have a max roster size of 14 players and play 7v7 with goalkeepers. Ideally, we like to keep rosters sizes anywhere from 10-12 players.

  • Practices: Twice a week for an hour and twenty minutes each practice. Typically Monday/Wednesday for boys and Tuesday/Thursdays for girls in the 5 - 6:20 PM time slot. These dates and times are subject to change depending on coaching availability. 

  • Games: 8 league games (4 Home, 4 Away) each season typically on the weekends that are played against other community clubs inside and outside of Dane County

  • Tournaments: Each team participates in two tournaments each season that take place over the weekend with three guaranteed games. All tournament events are local but additional a' la carte options to travel and stay overnight could be presented. 

  • Uniform: Ordered separately through Stefans Soccer our uniform supplier. Norski SC uniforms are purchased on a two-year ordering cycle for all 9U and older teams. Required items total ~ $85

  • Volunteer Hours: Families are expected to complete a minimum of 8 volunteer hours per soccer year (4 hours/season). Incomplete volunteer requirement hours will be debited to a player's account going into the next season = $100.00 (or $50.00 for Spring Only Registrations).

  • Winter Opportunities: Teams may practice or play in optional winter leagues where an additional cost for facility rental or league fees would apply.

  • Registration Options:

9U &10U
Fall & Spring Seasons (Guaranteed Registration
Deadline June 30th)
$230.00 $220.00 $125.00 $575.00
Spring Only Season
(Registration opens November
while space is available)
$140.00 $132.50 $62.50 $335.00

 Any invited 8U players playing UP in the 9U league as an individual player will in most cases have to play age group appropriate the following year when the rest of their birth year moves up to 9U. An exception to this is if an 8U player is playing on a complete team of 8U players playing UP at 9U. NSC reserves the right to evaluate skill levels and determine the best developmental learning environment for players and teams. For additional information on 8U players playing up please see our 8U Academy information.