8U Players Potential Option

The following applies to 8U players that individually sign up for the 8U Academy program as an option to consider. Each year Norski SC has provided 8U players an opportunity to play UP an age group in the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) 9U North Division league as an 8U team. At 9U is when teams/clubs begin to travel a little more from community to community to play games against each other in a 7v7 format with Goalkeepers. Additionally, teams play two local tournaments in each season. 

This opportunity is for players that are excelling for their age and looking for a little more structure to further their development and overall experience. During the registration process of signing up for the 8U Academy, you will be asked if you're interested in this opportunity. Norski SC will review the overall interest and follow up in the middle of July with all that are interested to let you know if we can or can not formulate a team. There may be an evaluation date to determine if a team can be formed or not. Even if a team is formed not all interested players may have the option to play up due to roster size limitations.

  • Academy Registration Brought Forward: $175.00 or $225.00
  • 9U Registration Fee Balance: $55.00 or $5.00
    • Balance is dependent on if the Academy player has ordered the uniform kit or not
  • Coaches Fee: $220.00
  • Tournament Fee (2 Fall, 2 Spring): $125.00
  • Fall & Spring 9U Academy Fees: $575.00
  • Uniform: ~ $80.00
    • Uniforms are separate from registration fees at 9U+. They are on a two-year ordering cycle. More on the ordering process to come if a team is formed or placed on a 9U team.