Micro & In House FAQ Recreational 4U-8U

Q:  Can I register my player after the deadline?

A:  Registration for both Fall & Spring seasons will be open until one week into each season (There will be early and late registration deadlines). Late registrants will NOT be guaranteed placement on a team. Placement on a team will be contingent on team availability not to exceed maximum team sizes and availability of volunteer coaches. NSC strongly suggests parents of late registrants offer to help coach.

Q:  Are uniforms included in my player's registration?

A:  YES, a jersey is included in your fee.  If you are a late registration it may take longer to get.

Q:  Can I sign my child up with a friend or two?

A: The only exception to this rule allows up to three players per team to be pre-assigned PROVIDED their parents or guardians volunteer as a team coach, assistant coach, and team manager and all players fall into the same birth year.  If this interests you, please fill in the Additional Information Volunteer Question during registration for each of the players with 1) the names (first, last) of the other players, 2) the names (first, last) of all 2-3 parent/guardian volunteers and 3) the roles each parent/guardian plans to fill.  Without this information, NSC will need to verify the request across all 3 players. Contacting the NSC Registrar via email is also recommended.

Q: I like to plan ahead! Do you know when my child's practices will be?

A:  Practices are determined ahead of time by NSC staff for the primary day of training and game days. While the secondary training session is planned out, it is subject to change depending on player and coach availability.