Uniform Policy

All of our safety, game and training requirements follow the minimum MAYSA, WYSA and USYSA guidelines for club soccer. Norski asks parents to please not make your coaches the bad people by making them enforce safety requirements! For everyone’s safety foot attire and jewelry policies apply to BOTH games and practice. Any players requiring splints or casts must be cleared by the MAYSA offices prior to play with splint or casts. 

Jewelry, Foot and Shin Attire: For everyone’s safety NO jewelry is allowed at any time. This includes any and all piercings on the head. No chains, watches or rubber wristbands. Sweat style headbands and wristbands are allowed, hard hair clips and pins are not. Players must have proper foot and shin attire to participate. This includes either Soccer cleats or “sneaker” (tennis) shoes. Baseball, softball, football or golf style cleat patterns are not allowed. If your team plays a winter indoor session, please see your team’s specific facility guidelines. All players must wear shin guards covered by socks or other athletic attire at all times.

U9-U19 Training attire: All competitive age players 9U and older should be in appropriate athletic style shorts, training pants and shirts that are acceptable for training in. No jeans or other attire with heavy embellishments. In an effort to allow the DOC and coaches to easily differentiate teams with simple practice vests, we ask all competitive age players to wear upper body attire that is black, gray or white to their trainings.  Norski Soccer Club will annually provide opportunities to purchase training shirts at a low or included cost to assist with this.  

Game Day Jersey Requirements by Age

Micro and In-house Kickers: Athletic attire, must wear provided shirt to each training session. No need to order uniforms, shirt or uniform kit is handed out at the beginning of the season. Uniform/jersey must be worn to games.

9U-19U Teams: All players must purchase all the pieces of the club’s current official on field uniform. This includes specified shorts, purple jersey, alternate white jersey, and socks. All jerseys must be maintained so the club logo and club assigned number are visible to officials. (In order to get the maximum life out of your jersey it is recommended that you do not dry with high heat, the lower the heat setting the better or hang dry).  


Goalies: Must wear attire that is different enough from all field players so that they are identifiable to the referees. This can be done with practice game vests or goalie shirts. Goalie gloves allowed.

Cold weather: These guidelines are subject to referee interpretation, player age and conditions. The jersey and number must be visible at all times no matter what the conditions. Layers can go underneath the jersey; it should be team color, black, gray or white. This can include sweats, coats, and long underwear style products. Layers of athletic attire are allowed on the legs, this includes sweat pants, long underwear, tights, and leggings, and they should be black, gray or team colored. Gloves without clips or rings are allowed. For youth simple knit gloves for more advanced players sport gloves are recommended. Headbands, ear bands, beanies and ski caps that are tight to the head are allowed. Most referees will disallow hats that have any type of ball or tip that swings off the hat for safety reasons. Ear muffs with hard bands are not allowed.